Center for Bioethics 2013 Research
Center for Bioethics 2013 Research
Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Book and Book Chapters

Carter BS. Pain in Pediatric Palliative Care, Encyclopedia of Pain, 2nd Edition, Springer Reference

Carter BS. Complex Cases in Neonatal Care: Severe birth defects involving multiple organs, Inside Health Care - Neonatal Intensive Care - Who Decides? Who Pays? Who Can Affort it? Bentham E-Book

Garrett JR, Jotterand F, Ralston C (eds.) The Development of bioethics in the United States, Springer Academic Publishers

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Verhagen AAE, Lantos JD. The Groningen Protocol, Chapter 23, Clinical Ethics in Pediatrics, A Case-Based Textbok, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK

Scientific Presentations-Oral or Poster Format

Garrett J "Collectivizing Rescue Obligations in Bioethics" ASBH 15th Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, October 2013 [Oral]

Garrett J "The Ethics of Animal Research: An Overview" American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Meetings, San Francisco, CA 2013 [Oral]

Janvier A, Lantos JD, Montello M, Payot A, Stokes T, Myers D. "Narratives in Practice; Reading and Writing Stories as a Form of Innovative Bioethical Inquiry" ASBH 15th Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA October 2013 [Oral]

Lantos JD, Sommer D, Hunter JL, McDaniel DL "Secularizing the Sacred Story: Why Research on Chaplaincy is Difficult" ASBH 15th Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA October 2013 [Oral]

Lantos JD "Chaplaincy Interventions for Families of Children with Life-Threatening Illness" PAS Annual Meeting, Washington DC May 2013 [Oral]

Lantos JD "Boon" PAS Annual Meeting, Washington, DC May 2013 [Oral]

Linebarger J, Pallotto E, Manimtim WM, Olsen S, Schwarzkopf D, Kilbride H, Carter BS "Possibilities, Potential, Problems and Palliation - Ethics in a Fetal health Center, Pediatric Academic Societies, Washington, DC May, 2013 

Partridge JC, Janvier A, Barrington K, Moussa A, Sayeed S, Sufrin C, Lantos JD "Building a Program and Skills in Perinatal Hospice" PAS Annual Meeting, Washington, DC May 2013 [Workshop]

Pallotto E, Reed DJ, Olsen S, Manimtim WM, Kennedy CS, Altergott AE, Schwarzkopf D, hagerty M, Kilbride H, Carter BS Team-based Delivery Room Resuscitation in a new Fetal Health Center, Pediatric Academic Societies, Washington, DC May, 2013

Reed DJ, Manimtim WM, Kennedy CS, Altergott AE, Sharma J, Carter BS Team-based Mock Code Simulation Training in the Neonatal ICU, Pediatric Academic Societies, Washington, DC May, 2013


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