Visiting Students, Residents and Fellows Pediatric Plastic Surgery (Craniofacial)
Visiting Students, Residents and Fellows Pediatric Plastic Surgery (Craniofacial)

Educational Objectives:

  • To explore the field of pediatric plastic surgery. 
  • To be able to diagnose congenital pediatric conditions such as craniosynostosis; cleft lips and palate; microtia; and micrognathia. 
  • To learn algorithm in management of cleft lips and palate. 
  • To learn to suture simple lacerations and trauma/open wounds. 
  • To learn to manage complications, the healing process and open-wound care.

Responsible Faculty: Jeffrey Goldstein, MD

Administrative Contact:  Michele Zils (, (816) 802-1117

Contact Person:   Amanda Larson Walls (, (816) 346-1367

Elective Duration: One month

Format:  Clinical, observation and assistance.

Prerequisites: Completion of Core Pediatric and Surgery Clerkships.  Impressive knowledge of basic sciences, especially anatomy. Interview with Dr. Goldstein is required prior to obtaining approval for rotation. Must complete OR safety training scheduled for 1st working day of each month prior to going into the OR.

Description:   Attending clinics, operative rooms and case discussions.

Calls: No

Criteria for Passing:   Attendance for surgery and clinic days.

Criteria for Honors:   Taking initiative to research and publish.

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