Visiting Students, Residents and Fellows Medicine/Pediatrics Inpatient Sub-Internship
Visiting Students, Residents and Fellows Medicine/Pediatrics Inpatient Sub-Internship

Educational Objectives: At the completion of the rotation, the student should:

  • Provide patient care that is compassionate and effective.
  • Improve clinical knowledge of inpatient and outpatient Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.
  • Improve investigative and appraisal skills of scientific evidence for patient care through self-evaluation and life-long learning.
  • Improve interpersonal and communication skills among patients, families, and health care professionals.
  • Become more aware of the larger health care system in order to effectively utilize resources for patient management.
  • Improve competence with common ambulatory and hospital-based procedures.

Responsible Faculty: Emily Haury, M.D. (

Contact Person: April Gerry, BS (, (816) 346-1367

Elective Duration: One month

Prerequisites: Completion of Core Internal Medicine and Pediatric Clerkships and a minimum of 4 weeks inpatient pediatric experience.
Description: Students will split the elective time evenly between inpatient Internal Medicine (IM) and Pediatrics. They will participate fully in patient care with the inpatient teams. They will have all the responsibilities expected of an intern, with student limitations. One afternoon per week, they will attend MedPeds Clinic in the afternoon where they will work directly with residents and attendings in managing complex ambulatory patients. They will be expected to participate in all didactics sessions offered to students during their time on IM, Pediatrics, and MedPeds clinic. Weekends will be spent with the inpatient teams according to their requirements.

Calls: Yes

Criteria for Passing: Average evaluation of satisfactory or above among residents and faculty. Full participation in the elective with at least 80% attendance.

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