Pediatric Residency Program Research Experience: BRNSTRM Project
Pediatric Residency Program Research Experience: BRNSTRM Project

Many pediatric and internal medicine/pediatric residents choose to participate in an academic project during their training, although that is not a requirement for graduation from our program. The BRNSTRM Research Project was designed to help residents build a research foundation.

Through the BRNSTRM Project, many of our residents have presented research at national meetings. The Department of Graduate Medical Education financially supports residents whose research is accepted for poster or oral presentations.


Our mission is to Build Resident New Skills Through Research Mentoring.

We have assembled a research mentoring team of faculty who work directly with residents as they explore careers in pediatric medicine. By teaming with a core of researchers who have clinical, quality-based, bench-, educational- and/or translational-research experience, residents gain the skills necessary to excel in an academic career.

Current/Recent Resident Research Projects

Project Title Resident Mentor
Allergen sensitization patterns in asthmatic children are related to race and gender Kate Robben,
PL2 Resident
Dr. Bridgette Jones
Late resolution of atrioventricular block after transcatheter ASD closure with the HELEX septal occluder

Amanda Nedved,
PL3 Resident

Dr. Michael Bingler
Analysis of procedural complications from diagnostic and therapeutic catheterizations performed on low birth weight infants < 2.5 kg compared to infants > 2.5 kg Meghan Mobley,
PL3 Resident
Dr. Stephen Kaine
Retrospective review of patient outcomes with surfactant given in the field vs upon arrival to the NICU Walid Hussain,
PL3 Resident

Dr. Emily McNellis
Meta-analysis on FAP and thyroid cancer risk.
Meta-analysis on FAP and desmoid tumor risk.
Incidence of FAP and desmoid anomalies.
Psychotropic medications and fatty liver disease: retrospective chart review.
Voytek Slowik,
PL3 Resident
Dr. Seth Septer
PXR expression in inflamed vs non-inflamed tissue of children with Crohns disease. Amber Hildreth,
PL2 Resident
 Dr. Jack Daniels

Critical Care

JET Protocol: An evaluation of quality improvement with formulation and implementation of a standardized protocol for management of junctional ectopic tachycardia in the PICU

Disa Finnsdottir Wagner, PL3 Resident

Dr. Laura Ortmann

Infectious Disease

Epidemiology, Resistance Patterns and emm types of Streptococcal Pharyngeal Isolates in a Children’s Hospital

Kayron Bradley, PL3 Resident

Dr. Angie Myers
Reducing overuse of rapid antigen detection tests for acute pharyngitis in the urban pediatric emergency department. Ashley Bruns,
PL2 Resident
Dr. Angie Myers
A retrospective review of the incidence of pulmonary embolisms in children with co-morbidities. Nathan Hall,
PL2 Resident
Dr. Shannon Carpenter
A retrospective review of iliopsoas hemorrhage in patients with hemophilia: incidence, treatment, outcome and recurrence Christopher Miller,
PL2 Resident
Dr. Shannon Carpenter
Emergency Medicine

BLS knowledge and performance in pediatric residents using high fidelity pediatric mannequins.

Nate Weberding,
PL3 Resident

Dr. Chris Kennedy

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