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Pediatric Residency Program Research Experience: BRNSTRM Project
Pediatric Residency Program Research Experience: BRNSTRM Project

The Program

BRNSTRM pairs residents interested in research with experienced faculty mentors in a variety of fields. The goal of BRNSTRM is to guide and support residents as they learn how to perform medical research, from the basics of study design and IRB submission through development of a final abstract, poster or publication.

The Results 


Last year, residents delivered 14 oral or poster presentations, including several at national meetings, and published 7 manuscripts. 

Active Resident Research Projects

Project Title Resident Mentor
Allergen sensitization patterns in asthmatic children are related to race and gender Kate Robben,
PL3 Resident
Dr. Bridgette Jones
Co-sensitization patterns to tree nuts in a pediatric population  Brooke Polk,
PL3 resident
 Dr. Chrissy Ciaccio
Radiation dose reduction in the pediatric interventional cardiovascular laboratory

Nichole Gubbins,
PL2 resident

Dr. Michael Bingler
Hybrid palliation for interrupted aortic arch with VSD Tessa Commers,
PL2 resident
Dr. Stephen Kaine
Postoperative mortality in DiGeorge syndrome Nikki Singh,
PL3 resident
 Dr. Sanket Shah
Intubation in Transport Nick Townley,
PL3 Resident
 Dr. Emily McNellis
Retrospective review of patient outcomes with surfactant given in the field vs upon arrival to the NICU Walid Hussain,
PL3 Resident

Dr. Emily McNellis
PXR expression in inflamed vs non-inflamed tissue of children with Crohns disease. Amber Hildreth,
PL3 Resident
 Dr. Jack Daniels

Critical Care

The utility of trending BNP during ECMO weaning trials

John Graham,
PL2 resident

Dr. Jennifer Flint and Dr. Erika Mollitor-Kirsch
Incidence of arrhythmias in children receiving dexmedetomidine after surgery for congenital heart disease Meera Chinnaswamy,
PL2 resident
 Dr. Laura Ortmann

Infectious Disease

Immunization in children with cerebral palsy

Sara Kilbride,
PL2 resident

Dr. Barbara Pahud and Dr. Matt Mayer
Epidemiology of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation associated bloodstream infections in pediatric patients  David Butler,
PL2 resident
Dr. Jason Newland
Reducing overuse of rapid antigen detection tests for acute pharyngitis in the urban pediatric emergency department. Ashley Bruns,
PL2 Resident
Dr. Angie Myers
Assessment of clindamycin resistant Staphylococcus infection 
Joshua Herigon,
PL1 Resident
Dr. Jen Goldman
Transient myeloproliferative disorder in Downs syndrome patients Nikki Wood,
PL3 Resident
Dr. Erin Guest
Feasibility of high through-put, rapid turnaround mutational analysis for patients with hemophilia using dried blood spots Lauren Amos,
PL3 Resident
Dr. Shannon Carpenter
Retrospective Review of Hematologic Evaluation in Children with Suspected Non-Accidental Injury, A First Step towards Evidence Based Guidelines Lauren Amos,
PL3 Resident
Dr. Shannon Carpenter
A retrospective review of the incidence of pulmonary embolisms in children with co-morbidities.  Tina Khaleghi,
PL3 Resident
Dr. Shannon Carpenter
A retrospective review of iliopsoas hemorrhage in patients with hemophilia: incidence, treatment, outcome and recurrence  Christopher Miller,
PL3 Resident
Dr. Shannon Carpenter

Central line associated thrombosis: comparison of internal jugular versus subclavian vein placement of catheters


Kevin Maxwell,
Radiology preliminary resident


Dr. Doug Rivard

Comparison of the insulin bolus score to alternative scoring methodologies for assessment of adherence in type 1 diabetics  Kelsee Leisner,
PL3 Resident
Dr. Mark Clements 
Evaluation of endocrinologist knowledge and comfort level of caring for endocrinopathies in childhood cancer survivors  Jen Boyd,
PL3 Resident
Dr. Sripriya Raman 

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