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Graduate Medical Education International Electives

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Graduate Medical Education International Electives

Residents or fellows participating in a training program at Children's Mercy Kansas City, who are interested in completing an international elective rotation must follow these guidelines:

Three Months in Advance:

  1. Resident meets with the program director (PD) to discuss the possibility. PD informs the resident/fellow whether he/she meets the eligibility criteria.
  2. If approved by the PD, the resident will identify a faculty advisor from the list of faculty available at Children's Mercy.
  3. Resident will meet with Dr. Jennifer Watts, Director of International Rotations, to discuss ideas, identify the resources and opportunities already in place for that particular month or the type of rotation as well as state department travel warnings etc.
  4. Once the resident has the site and month set, the resident will provide the "elective/clerkship" course description to the international supervisor of that rotation with a request to complete and return it to the resident. 

Two Months in Advance:

  1. Resident meets with the PD with completed Global Health Elective Application  (including Background information and learning objectives) and the  Request for Approval of International Travel
  2. PD forwards all the materials listed above with recommendation to Dr. Watts.
  3. Dr. Watts makes recommendation to hospital administration.
  4. Upon approval from hospital administration, the resident is informed to make travel plans.
  5. Resident will meet with Dr. Watts two months prior to travel to provide the following documents:
  • Copy of the passport
    Copy of visa page (if applicable)
    Travel insurance 
    Risk and Release Form for Children's Mercy
    Documentation of immunization (if necessary)
    Information regarding US Embassy/consulate, travel registration and other relevant information

Upon Return:

  1. Resident meets with the PD for review of the activities in order to receive credit for the rotation.
  2. Evaluation for the rotation should be turned in. Failure to turn in evaluation will result in awarding "No Credit".

If changes were to occur after reaching the destination, PD must be immediately notified (with explanation of why change took place). Failure to inform the PD will result in, "no credit; the resident's month will not count towards the completion of the program; and resident will be required to refund the salary and benefits back to hospital." This month will be treated as "Leave of absence without pay".

Questions about international elective rotations should be directed to Dr. Jennifer Watts at (816) 234-3430 or jwatts@cmh.edu.

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