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Child Neurology Research
Child Neurology Research

The Division of Neurology at Children's Mercy Hospital participates in both funded and non-funded research. Each of our Residents are expected to complete a minimum of one scholarly project during the course of their residency, resulting in the submission of a manuscript to a peer-reviewed publication. In addition, our residents are expected to present findings at a national meeting.

Faculty Mentorship

A crucial first step in this process is the formation of a mentoring relationship with a faculty member (either inside or outside of our division), followed by development of a research question and specific aims and formation of a faculty mentor. The mentor will meet regularly with the resident throughout his or her training to monitor the progress of the project, provide guidance and assure that the resident is engaging in a meaningful and educational scholarly endeavor that will meet the requirements for board certification.

Research Opportunities

Learn more about research opportunities and highlights through the Division of Neurology.

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