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Why Your Gift Matters Jason and Sarah
Why Your Gift Matters Jason and Sarah

More than Grateful

In 2004, much to our surprise, our oldest daughter Elizabeth was born 3 months early - weighing 1lb., 11oz! Everything was premature: every organ and system was struggling, including her very tiny heart. 

As we prayed before the heart surgery (P.D.A. Ligation) scheduled for her 12th day of life, we found great comfort in the skill of the surgeon and the Children’s Mercy anesthesiologists. What an amazing team! What a successful surgery.

Now, nearly 8 years later with a healthy little girl (and the addition of a little sister and brother) we are truly blessed! Not only has Children’s Mercy Kansas City helped us navigate through the tough post-Neonatal Intensive Care Unit years, but supportive doctors and nurses – in no less than 12 specialty areas – have also guided us to make the best medical decisions for all our children. 

From placing a Gastrostomy feeding tube to beginning growth hormone shots; from managing asthma flare-ups to surgically correcting a hernia and enrolling in physical therapy, Children's Mercy has always been there for us! 

Whether wrapping up one of our many clinic visits, exiting Same Day Surgery or being admitted for an overnight stay, we have been thankful! Thankful for the excellent care, thankful for the many locations (including the soon-to-be “East location” in our own back-yard) … and most of all, forever thankful for the wonderful gifts given to our children – better health for a lifetime!

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