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Why Your Gift Matters Eliza Monk

106-Year-Old Widow Leaves Generous Bequest to Children’s Mercy

Eliza Monk drove her white Mustang, helped care for her 105-year-old sister and managed her own business affairs until she reached 101 years.


Jettie Clemens, her great-niece, remembers that even at 106, Eliza had a sharp mind, keen sense of humor and a twinkle in her eye. She was a private person who lived a simple life. 

"She was a quiet lady," says Jettie. "In the background, taking care of her family and not drawing attention to herself."

In that same understated way, Eliza recently left a bequest of $1.8 million to Children’s Mercy Hospital upon her death at 106. 

Jettie says her great-aunt was a frugal woman who enjoyed nice things, but didn’t believe in extravagance. But she did feel a strong responsibility to care for others. 

That’s why no one was surprised she made such a generous gift to Children’s Mercy.

"I think Aunt Eliza wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, and she knew that for families with sick or injured children, her gift would mean a lot."

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