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Ways to Give Plan a Fundraiser
Ways to Give Plan a Fundraiser

Thank you for your interest in having a fundraiser for Children’s Mercy. As a non-profit hospital, we rely generously on the support of caring community members like you, and your good deeds will help allow us to provide the highest level of care to all kids who walk through our doors.

Whether you’re considering having a Drive to collect new items needed at the hospital, a Cause Marketing Promotion to donate a portion or sales, or an Event to raise funds, the following steps and guidelines apply to all fundraising activities taking place for the benefit of Children’s Mercy.

Why do fundraisers have to submit an application and follow these guidelines?

We’re glad you asked! Submitting the application helps us plan how to best support and promote your event. Also, by making us aware of your efforts and being formally approved, it adds credibility to your fundraiser when you’re seeking donations and when we receive inquiries about your fundraising efforts. The guidelines ensure all fundraisers reflect the mission of Children’s Mercy, and they provide organizers with important IRS information related to non-profit fundraisers.

1. Submit the application 

Please complete and submit the Fundraiser Application to the Children’s Mercy Philanthropy Office at least 30 days before your proposed fundraiser date. All fundraisers (including one-time and on-going fundraising events, promotions and drives) for the benefit of Children’s Mercy must be approved by the Children’s Mercy’s Philanthropy Office in advance of the fundraiser taking place. For annual or repeated fundraisers, please submit an application each time.

2. Receive a letter of approval 

Upon receipt and review of your Fundraiser Application, Children’s Mercy will provide you with a formal letter of approval. If we are unable to initially approve your fundraiser based on the information provided in the application, we will contact you to learn more or discuss our concerns and alternatives in hopes of then providing approval. Fundraiser organizers often find this letter useful to share with potential sponsors when seeking support to help validate their event and add credibility to their solicitation.

3. Discuss fundraiser plans with Children's Mercy

A representative from Children’s Mercy will contact you to learn more about your specific plans, answer any questions and determine how we can best be of assistance to your fundraiser. When planning your fundraiser, please keep the following guidelines in mind: 

  • Children’s Mercy should be listed as the beneficiary of your fundraiser but should not be used in the title (for example Johnny’s 5k benefitting Children’s Mercy is appropriate, but Children’s Mercy 5k is not).
  • As required by the IRS, it is necessary to indicate the percentage of net proceeds that will be donated when promoting the fundraiser. If 100% of the net proceeds are being donated, you are welcome to specify “100%” or “all,” or you may also choose to just say “benefitting Children’s Mercy.” If less than 100% of net proceeds are being donated, it is necessary to specifically indicate the actual percentage in any promotional and informational materials and communications.
  • Your fundraiser must comply with all federal, state and local laws, and it is the responsibility of the fundraiser organizer to obtain any necessary permits, licenses and/or insurance. 
  • Should aspects of your proposed fundraiser materially change during the planning process, please advise your Children’s Mercy representative. 
  • If circumstances warrant or if Children’s Mercy is notified or becomes aware of practices that are incongruent with these guidelines or are misaligned with our mission, Children’s Mercy may direct you to modify, cease or cancel the fundraiser.

4. Receive materials or assistance from Children's Mercy

When you succeed, we succeed, and we are eager to help support you. Based on the type of fundraiser you’re hosting and what assistance you’d like, Children’s Mercy will provide a combination of the following supports to help your fundraiser succeed:

  • Letter of approval to be used to validate the authenticity of the fundraiser and its organizers 
  • Event planning expertise and advice
  • Our logo (please email your representative each time our logo is used to receive approval that it meets brand guidelines)
  • Assistance determining where to designate the contribution that meets your specific area of interest
  • Provide Children’s Mercy banners, signs, marketing materials and/or information about what your contribution will be supporting
  • Calendar listing on our external website and internal calendar
  • Promotion through internal networks and, on a case-by-case basis, through our external networks, including social media 
  • Direction for preparing and distributing your own news release
  • Use of our team-based online fundraising application
  • Attendance at your event and/or check presentation, schedule permitting
  • A tax-receipt and thank you sent to donors who contribute directly to Children’s Mercy
  • A thank you letter sent to supporters for whom we are provided full mailing information in Excel

Please note that Children’s Mercy is unable to provide the following supports: extend use of our tax exemption status; provide insurance coverage; sign contracts or book facilities or vendors on behalf of the fundraiser; provide funding or reimbursements for expenses; provide mailing lists of donors; mail invitations; assume any type of liability for the fundraiser; or, guarantee attendance of staff, volunteers or patients at the fundraiser.

5. Hold your fundraiser

Congrats, it’s finally here, and all your hard work and planning is paying off! If you requested that a representative from Children’s Mercy attend all or a portion of your fundraiser, we will certainly make every effort to do so. If we can accommodate your request, we will confirm with you in advance and indicate who will be attending so that you can plan accordingly.

6. Contact Children's Mercy with a recap of your fundraiser

Within one week of your fundraiser, please contact your Children's Mercy representative by phone or email with a brief update of how your fundraiser went, approximate anticipated proceeds, and, of course, we love getting photos if you have them.

7. Send your donation to Children's Mercy

Within 60 days of the completion of your fundraiser, please send the donated proceeds to the address below.

  • If you would like to have a formal check presentation at your location or at the hospital, we are happy to do so. Simply let your Children’s Mercy representative know, preferably two weeks in advance if you’re able.

Children’s Mercy
Attn: Philanthropy Department
2401 Gillham Road
Kansas City, MO 64108

Memo Line: Name of your fundraiser

8. Receive a tax-receipt for the charitable contribution(s)

Donations made directly to Children’s Mercy will receive a formal thank you letter and receipt documenting their tax-deductible contribution.

  • In compliance with IRS regulations, we can only provide tax-receipts to the donor making a contribution directly to Children’s Mercy.
  • We are happy to provide a thank you letter without a tax receipt to supporters of your fundraiser who did not donate directly to Children’s Mercy, if you provide us with their full mailing address information in an Excel document with each field separated. (We are not able to manipulate files so we can only produce the thank you letters if we’re provided a merge-ready file; we are happy to provide a template if you like.) 

9. Feel good! 

Thank you for supporting Children’s Mercy! We will be in touch to share our appreciation with the organizers of your fundraiser and let you know how your donation is helping improve the care of patients at Children’s Mercy.

Event Form

Event/Promotion Application Online Form
Fundraiser Application (for offline submission)

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For more information about special events or promotions, please contact:

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Phone: (816) 701-4599
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Children's Mercy
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