Ways to Give Plan a Fundraiser
Ways to Give Plan a Fundraiser

Children's Mercy is incredibly grateful for support of our community. Whether you are a family wanting to give back to the hospital or a group of individuals interested in supporting Children's Mercy's mission of providing the highest level of pediatric care in the region, we appreciate your interest and enthusiasm in planning your event. There are, however, some guidelines we ask that you abide by when planning and executing your event. We reserve the right to deny an event application that does not comply with the following guidelines or is in direct conflict with the mission and image of the hospital.

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General Guidelines

1. All events must be approved in advance by Children's Mercy's Department of Philanthropy staff. The Event/Promotion Application must be completed and filed with the Department of Philanthropy at least 30 days prior to the proposed promotion or event date before approval can be granted.

2. Events/promotions must comply with all federal, state and local laws governing charitable fund raising, gift reporting and special events.

3. Event/promotion activity in which Children's Mercy's name and/or logo are used (print, broadcast, online) must be in accordance with the established style guidelines and approved by Children's Mercy Communications and Marketing Department before distribution to the public.

4. "Children's Mercy" cannot be used in the title of the event, but may be identified as the beneficiary of the event. For example, organizers should not refer to the event as "Children's Mercy XYZ Event" but rather "XYZ Event to Benefit Children's Mercy".

5. Children's Mercy does not release its proprietary mailing lists to third-party organizations. Upon approval from the V.P. of the Department of Philanthropy, we may choose to educate or inform a select group of constituents on a case-by-case basis.

6. The organization and execution of the event is the sole responsibility of the even organizer. The organizer(s) must obtain any necessary permits, licenses, and/or insurance.

7. When approaching businesses for assistance or monetary support for your program, please remember that many local organizations may have a long-standing partnership with Children's Mercy and may not wish to make additional donations. A Department of Philanthropy staff member may serve as a hospital resource for identifying these existing relationships as needed.

8. If circumstances warrant or Children's Mercy is notified or becomes aware of practices incongruent with these guidelines or misaligned with our mission, Children's Mercy may direct you to modify, cease or cancel the event/promotion.

9. The program organizers must seek approval from Children's Mercy Department of Philanthropy to repeat the program(s) in each succeeding year.

10. Please contact the Manager of Philanthropic Community Engagement with any changes to your event/promotion throughout the duration of the time indicated in your application.

Financial Guidelines

1. The public shall be fully informed regarding the net amount that will be donated to the hospital from the event/promotion. If less than 100% of the net proceeds will be donated, the actual percentage shall be disclosed to potential donors and participants.

2. Based on national benchmarks, the target rate of return for a charitable program is $.70 per dollar raised or more. Program expenses should be less than 30% of the gross amount raised by the event.

3. Within 60 days following the completion of your event, proceeds must be received by Children's Mercy. Proceeds should be mailed or delivered to:

Children's Mercy
Attention: Department of Philanthropy
2401 Gillham Road
Kansas City, MO 64108    

4. If event expenses are greater than the money raised by the event/promotion, the organizer is responsible for those expenses.

5. As the donor or sponsor of the event/promotion, you are required by IRS regulations to denote in all promotional and print materials the percentage of proceeds that will be donated to Children's Mercy.

Children's Mercy Assistance

Children's Mercy Department of Philanthropy staff is happy to provide the following to assist with your event/promotion, in accordance with our hospital's policies:
  • Advice and expertise on program/event planning.
  • A letter of authorization to be used to validate the authenticity of the program and its organizers.
  • An electronic copy of the appropriate Children's Mercy logo and approval of the use of Children's Mercy name and logo.
  • Assist you in designating your contribution to a specific area of interest such as research, equipment or a medical program. 
  • Promote program/event through internal networks such as e-news or website, on a case by case basis.
  • Attend event or check presentations, as schedule permits.
  • Provide Children's Mercy marketing materials and hospital banners, as available. 
  • Provide a written tax receipt to donors who make their checks payable to "The Children's Mercy Hospital" or "Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics".

Children's Mercy Department of Philanthropy staff is unable to:

  • Extend our tax exemption to your organization.
  • Provide insurance coverage.
  • Solicit media coverage for your event/promotion or to provide media lists.
  • Provide funding or reimbursements for expenses.
  • Solicit sponsorship revenue for your program.
  • Provide mailing lists of donors, vendors, board members, medical staff, employees, or affiliated hospital constituents.
  • Guarantee attendance of staff, physicians, volunteers or patients at the event/promotion or check presentation.
  • Assume any type of liability for your event/promotion.


Event Form

Event/Promotion Application Online Form
Downloadable Event/Promotion Application (for offline submission)

Contact Us

For more information about special events or promotions, please contact:

Megan Stock, Manager of Philanthropic Engagement
Phone: (816) 701-4599
Fax: (816) 346-1377

Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics
Attention: Department of Philanthropy
2401 Gillham Road
Kansas City, MO 64108

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