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Donate Goods Medical Play Dolls
Donate Goods Medical Play Dolls

Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics invite you to create

"Medical Play Dolls"

Medical Play Dolls are special dolls made of muslin and fiberfill and created from a simple pattern much like a gingerbread man shape. These dolls are used by the Child Life department at Children's Mercy to communicate with and comfort patients who must undergo a difficult procedure at the hospital. The patients also use this as a form of self-expression. The patient may color on the doll to represent himself, his medical condition and sometimes the medical procedure, i.e. a cast on a broken arm or leg. We need hundreds of Medical Play Dolls for our patients every year.

Children's Mercy will provide the pattern. Your group will provide the materials, time, talent and love that go into each doll.

Please contact Volunteer Services at (816) 234-3496 to learn more about how your group can serve the patients and families of Children's Mercy Hospital by creating Medical Play Dolls!

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