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Volunteer Opportunities for Corporate and Community Groups
Volunteer Opportunities for Corporate and Community Groups

Children’s Mercy loves working with corporate and community groups to identify unique opportunities to do more for the patients and families at Children's Mercy. These one-time volunteer engagement opportunities allow groups to work together to give back while learning more about Children's Mercy.

One-Time Opportunities

We have a variety of one-time volunteer opportunities for individuals and small groups to provide a special activity for hospitalized patients and their families at Children’s Mercy. Activities might include unique craft projects, entertainment (musicians, magicians, puppet shows), celebrity visits or seasonal parties. Volunteer time commitment is typically a minimum of two hours and there are daytime and evening opportunities, Monday-Friday. Corporations, community groups and organizations are invited to participate. Please note that all participants must be at least 18-years-old and out of high school. Scheduling takes place in advance and fills up quickly. 


To apply for a one-time volunteer opportunity, please complete the group and community volunteer activity application. Applications will be reviewed by our staff within five business days. To learn about activity guidelines, please see our Guidelines for Entertainers and Special Visitors.

NICU Night Out

NICU Night Out is a volunteer opportunity that invites groups to provide a warm meal, entertainment and brief reprieve for families with a patient in the hospital’s Intensive Care Nursery (ICN/NICU). NICU Night Out volunteers must be scheduled in advance.
Location: Adele Hall Campus, 2401 Gillham Road, Kansas City, Missouri
Number of Volunteers: 12 maximum

  • NICU Night Out is scheduled on the fourth Friday of every month.
  • NICU Night Out requires a commitment of 3-4 hours the night of the event.
  • A minimum $100 donation is required to support offsite rental supplies and hospital resources.
  • Volunteers will prepare and serve food and drinks (and dinnerware/utensils) for 50 people and are encouraged to provide a theme, decorations and entertainment to add to the experience.
  • Setup for this opportunity is from 4-5 p.m. in order to serve families between 5-6:30 p.m. Clean-up will follow from 6:30 - 7 p.m.

Ronald McDonald Family Room inside Children's Mercy

Volunteer groups have the opportunity to prepare a meal - breakfast, lunch or dinner - for the families served by the Ronald McDonald Family Room at the Adele Hall Campus. 
Location: Adele Hall Campus, 2401 Gillham Road, Kansas City, Missouri
Number of Volunteers: 8-10 
Contact: Maggie Freeman, (816) 460-1019 or mhiegert@rmhckc.org   

  •  All meals must be scheduled in advance. 
  •  Volunteers can plan to arrive as early as 10 a.m. for lunch and as early as 3:30 p.m. for dinner.
  •  Volunteers will prepare food for approximately 50 people.
  •  More information is located at www.rmhckc.org/cooks4kid

Item Donation Opportunities

Delivering donations to Children's Mercy
Due to infection control and confidentiality, donors are not able to distribute the items directly to patients. Our Child Life Specialists, who work directly with patients, help identify the patients and families and make sure your donation is given to those most in need. Please schedule a drop off time for donations by calling (816) 234-3496. Donations should be delivered to: 

Children's Mercy - Adele Hall Campus 
Volunteer and Guest Services
2401 Gillham Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64108  

Happy Kits for Patients

Happy Kits are distributed to our patients and families throughout all Children's Mercy locations. The kits are used to make visits to the hospital extra special for patients and families. 
Location: All Children's Mercy locations
Number of Volunteers: 12 maximum 

  • Kits can be funded through a contribution to the hospital or assembled elsewhere and delivered. 
  • Kits can be made for:
    • Infants/toddlers 
    • School-aged children
    • Preschoolers 
    • Parents 

Parent Room Supply Support

Children's Mercy has seven parent rooms throughout the hospital on each of the inpatient units. The parent rooms serve as a respite area for parents to step away from the day-to-day stress of the hospital. These rooms require ongoing supplies to support parents during long term stays. 
Location: Adele Hall Campus, 2401 Gillham Road, Kansas City, Missouri
Contact: Sheryl Chadwick, sachadwick@cmh.edu

  • Volunteer groups can prepare food or toiletry baskets. All items must be store bought and individually wrapped for infection control purposes.
    • Food items can include crackers, cookies, gum, chips, whole apples, oranges.
    • Toiletry baskets should include shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, tissues and deodorant.  

Comfort Bags for SCAN Clinic

The Section of Childhood Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) is often in need of extra items to support the patients and families that are seen and treated in the SCAN Clinic. For example, comfort bags are provided to children who are going into foster care, making their transition a little easier with the necessary supplies to help them along the way. 
Location: Adele Hall Campus, 2401 Gillham Road, Kansas City, Missouri

  •  Volunteers are encouraged to assemble items off-site for delivery to the hospital. 
  •  Tours of the SCAN Clinic are allowed on a limited basis and must be scheduled in advance.
  •  Items needed for the SCAN Clinic Comfort Bags are: 
    • Clothing items
    • Blankets 
    • Stuffed animals
    • Books

Donation Drive for the Butterfly Cart

When a family is preparing to experience the loss of a child at Children's Mercy, a butterfly is placed on the door of the patient's room. Families faced with this situation have important needs. We bring items directly to the room so family members do not have to leave the child's bedside. 
Location: Adele Hall Campus, 2401 Gillham Road, Kansas City, Missouri
Contact: Volunteer and Guest Services

Below are items that help support families during this difficult time and are provided on the Butterfly Cart:

  • Tea bags individually wrapped for hot or cold brew
  • Single serve instant coffee
  • Hot Cider mix packets
  • Nice tissue, e.g. Puffs, Kleenex
  • Journals and pens 
  • Disposable cameras
  • Insulated carafe for hot water

Donation Drive for the Courtesy Cart

Hospitalization of a child creates stress for a parent or guardian. Often families do not have time to prepare for their visit to the hospital and have left valuable items or toiletries at home as they come unexpectedly to the hospital. Once they are at the hospital they often do not want to leave the bedside of their sick child to pick up items for self care. The courtesy cart reaches out to these parents by providing materials or items that they left behind.
Location: Adele Hall Campus, 2401 Gillham Road, Kansas City, Missouri
Contact: Volunteer and Guest Services

Courtesy Cart items are provided at no charge to parents at a child's bedside or in nearby waiting areas. 

  • Travel size items are best for storage purposes.
  • We are NOT able to accept hotel samples.
  • Acceptable items include:
    • Shampoo and conditioner
    • Chap stick
    • Crossword and word search puzzles
    • Body wash
    • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
    • Laundry detergent (small packs, one-time use preferred)
    • Sanitary pads and tampons

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