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Home Care Faculty and Staff

Home Care Sr. Administrative Director – Care Continuum

Ma’ata Lipford, RN, MBA, CCM

Home Care Director

Andrea Toomay, RN, BSN, BSW,CPN

Clinical Nurse Manager 

Lea Lee, RN, BSN

Clinical Nurse Manager

Tim Kafka, RN, BSN

Senior Manager, Quality Systems

Marty Snyder, RN, BSN, CRNI, CPN

Office Manager

Kathy Hoff, MS

Education Manager

Kristen Jarvis, RN, MSN, CPN, APHN-BC, CPST

Education Specialist

Holly Vaughn, RN, BSN, CPN

Intake Nursing Staff

Lisa Bailey, RN, BSN, CPN
Kathy O’Keefe, RN, BSN
Brooke Poindexter, RN, BSN
Shannon Sullivan, RN

Home Care Liaison

Carletta Murray, RN, MSN, MBA, CPN, VA-BC
Chiedza Muendesi, RN, BSN

Nursing Staff

Mike Barrett, RN
Brooke DeLashmutt, RN, BSN
Michelle Knifong-Turner, RN, BSN
Leanna Knigge, RN, BSN
Ellen Kosar, RN, MSN, Infusion Therapy
Stephanie McDanel, RN, BSN, Infusion Therapy
Stephanie Schloman, RN, BSN
Jacqueline Summers, RN, BSN
Amy Williams, RN, BSN

Manager, Division Support & Data Integrity

Josh Sevart, MBA

Occupational Therapists

Jo Oakman, OTR/L

Physical Therapist

Kellie Wheatley, MS, PT, CKTP

Speech Therapist

Heather Whitsitt, M.S., CCC-SLP

Social Work

Jennifer Mcharek, LCSW, LMSW, CCM

Pharmacy Staff

Tracy Atherton, BS, RPH, PharmD, Home Care Pharmacy Manager
Carress Hawkins, Home Care Pharmacy Tech III
Dave Walters, RPH, Home Care Pharmacist

Senior Manager, Respiratory Services

Patrice Johnson, MBS, RRT, NPS

Administrative Staff

Jeanette Arnold
Steve Bowling, MBA
Kathy Hoff, MS
Susana Reeder

Quality Docmentation Specialists

Elyse McInteer, RN, BSN
Elizabeth Witcher, RN-BC, BSN

Patient Accounts

Colleen Fitzgibbons- DME Coder
Matina Parker

DME Manager

Brian Ruzich, RRT

DME Coordinator

Ben Schlueter

Durable Medical Equipment Staff

Max Aragon
Megan Colwell, RRT, NPS
Ben Conrardy
LaNita Frisby
Detsanoumane Insisiengmay
Michael Johnson
Quantez Lee
Jennifer Stanley
Travis Terry
Lana Warne
Roy Winfrey

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