Weight Management Group Programs
Weight Management Group Programs

Our team has created group programs to provide education and hands-on learning for families adopting a healthy lifestyle.


The PHIT Kids Weight Management Program at Children's Mercy Kansas City is nationally recognized for addressing childhood obesity. PHIT Kids Evening group provides specialized education to help families of obese youth 9-18 years old successfully adopt and maintain active, healthy lifestyles. 

Education topics include nutrition, physical activity and behavior change. This is our most intensive treatment option and is reserved for motivated families willing to commit to the program. 

The program consists of 18 weekly sessions with monthly follow up for a total of two years.

Zoom to Health

Zoom to Health provides nutrition education to parents of overweight and obese children 2-8 years old. This six-week intervention program is designed to control rapid weight gain that can occur during the early childhood period. 

Families are served healthy meals, participate in fun physical activities, and children and parents receive age-appropriate education.

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