Urology Research

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Urology Research

The urology program is involved with several randomized prospective trials to determine the best surgical approaches for patients with urologic conditions. Each trial is designed to compare current treatment options for specific conditions to determine the approach that results in the best outcomes for patients.

Current Prospective Trials


Laparoscopic vs. Open Pyeloplasty

Our research team is currently working to determine whether lapraoscopic or an open approach to pyeloplasty (surgical removal of kidney obstructions) results in better outcomes for patients.

Circumcision – Skin Glue vs. No Skin Glue

This prospective trial will help determine whether the use of skin glue provides a better treatment outcome than traditional sutures.

The River Trial

This study is a research initiative with the Division of Nephrology at Children's Mercy. This study is designed to determine whether patients with kidney reflux benefit from antibiotic treatment.

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