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Transport Modes of Transport
Transport Modes of Transport

Ground Ambulance Service

  • Children's Mercy Critical Care Transport's ground fleet is comprised of state-of-the-art ambulances equipped especially for infants and children.
  • The safety of the patients and crew is a top priority. Safety restraints are utilized on all neonatal/pediatric patients. The ambulances have a specially designed locked-down system for isolettes and the stretchers.
  • All ambulances are equipped with stereos and DVD players in an effort to provide distraction therapy for the patient while enroute to their destination.
  • Ambulances are operated by The Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics.
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) hold valid Missouri and Kansas driver's licenses and maintain active Missouri and Kansas EMT licenses.
  • All drivers complete an Emergency Driving Course prior to operating an ambulance.
  • EMTs complete Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) annually and Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator course (CEVO II) every two years.

Ground Ambulance Service


Rotor Wing Service

  • Children's Mercy Critical Care Transport uses a dedicated American Eurocopter EC-145 helicopter. It is the only dedicated hospital-based helicopter in Kansas City dedicated to neonatal/pediatric patients and is located Children's Mercy Hospital's rooftop helipad.
  • Rotor wing transports are performed within approximately 170-mile radius of the Kansas City area.
  • Keeping patients and crew members safe during helicopter transport is a top priority. Night vision goggles are used for night operations on every flight as part of the continuing commitment to provide patients with cutting-edge safety technologies and the best in clinical excellence.
  • Additional safety features include Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) configuration with digital autopilot; ground proximity and traffic-warning systems; and moving-map GPS with weather overlays.
  • The aircraft is equipped with a DVD player to provide distraction therapy for patients while en route to their destination.
  • Rotor wing aircraft is in conjunction with LifeFlight Eagle and operated by PHI, Inc., a FAA Part 135 certificate holder.

919CM Children's Mercy EC145

Fixed Wing Service

  • Children's Mercy Critical Care Transport uses a Beechcraft King Air 200 fixed wing aircraft for transports greater than 120 miles from Kansas City.
  • The fixed wing aircraft has a custom-designed medical interior capable of transporting two patients. The aircraft can be configured with either two isolettes or two pediatric stretchers.
  • Satellite telephone and tracking system are on board.
  • All fixed wing missions are performed with two pilots.
  • Jet services are available and are utilized for international flights.
  • The service is operated by PHI Air Medical, Inc., a FAA Part 135-certificate holder.

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