Telemedicine Patient Resources
Telemedicine Patient Resources

In the U.S. we have a shortage of medical doctors who are experts in caring for the special needs of kids. Most of these doctors are in larger cities. Telemedicine uses cameras, computers, and special internet connections so these doctors can take care of their patients. The doctor and patient can be many miles apart. This saves time for everyone.

What is Telemedicine?

You can talk to and see your doctors using the computer and special internet connections. The doctors can examine and diagnose the patient with the help of special cameras.

Can all of my child's care be given using telemedicine?

No. There are times the patient and doctor will need a face to face visit. The doctor will tell you when you need a face to face visit.When you live far away from the doctor, telemedicine can save time and make scheduling easier for everyone

Are my video meeting sessions with the doctor recorded?

Not usually. The doctor will tell you if they are saving any pictures or recording anything for your child's health record or for teaching other doctors. Pictures used for teaching do not show who the patient is. Pictures are not taken during most visits.

How secure is this device? Can anyone not in the room hear or see our session?

This device is very secure. Even if someone was able to connect in between you and the doctor, it is secure so they could not see or hear anything.

Tell me about the program and how do I use it?

There will be a person in the room with you helping the doctor with the exam. This could be another doctor, nurse or other health care person trained to use the program and who will help your doctor do the exam.

You will see a video screen where you can see and talk to your doctor. There may be a "picture in picture" so you can see yourself as you talk to the doctor.

There maybe more than one camera. One camera lets you and the doctor talk. Another camera is for the exam and to make pictures larger to help the doctor get a closer look.

The General Exam Camera magnifies what the doctor is able to see.

The Dermascope is used for a close look at the skin.

Another camera will be in the otoscope to look in the ears.

There may be a stethoscope so your doctor can listen to your child's lungs and heart.

Most treatments are based on the information you give to your doctor. The doctor uses the physical exam to make sure they understand the problem. Most health problems are able to be successfully managed using telemedicine. There are times when the doctor will ask you to come to their office for a visit.

Computer programs are not perfect and can fail. We have done our best to make sure all the tools and links work well for you and your doctor. There will be times the program fails because of reasons out of our control. In those cases the person in the room will help you talk with your doctor.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to talk with any of the staff involved in your healthcare visit.

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