Sleep Disorders Program

The Pediatric Sleep Program's outpatient evaluation and treatment clinics at Children's Mercy Hospital and Children's Mercy South are complemented by a state-of-the-art sleep diagnostic laboratory unit at Children's Mercy South.

Sleep Lab Staff

Our sleep disorders "Dream Team" specializes in coordination of respiratory support equipment and other services that are vital to the care of children who have a wide variety of non-respiratory sleep-related issues. Learn more about our team and services provided in our Sleep Clinic brochure.

Preparing Children for a Sleep Lab Study

We have created kid-friendly sleep lab prep book to help put children at ease before taking part in a sleep study. 
Download the prep book (pdf)

Sleep Diary

You will need to bring a completed, two-week sleep diary to your child's sleep study.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sleep Questionnaires

For patients 0-23 months old

For patients 2-10 yrs old

For patients 2-10 yrs old (Espanol)

For patients 11-18 yrs old

For patients 11-18 yrs old (Espanol)

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