Physical and Occupational Therapy Therapy Groups

Torticollis Therapy Group

Please join our therapeutic group for four-weekly sessions of exercises, treatment techniques, education and family support. 

The group is designed for children ages 3-6 months who have Torticollis.


Children's Mercy South PT/OT Department

5520 College Blvd, Suite 340


Every Tuesday from 10:30 a.m. - Noon.


Research shows group therapy is very effective to achieve goals. Group therapy is a great way to gain support through other families and share play and treatment ideas.


Each group begins on the first Tuesday of every month and runs for four consecutive weeks. Groups will consist of 4-6 parent/child members.

  • You will follow up with your regular therapist who performed the initial evaluation at the end of the four-week group session.
  • We can submit to insurance upon approval for "Group Physical Therapy." You will need to check with your insurance to determine if this is a covered benefit. 
  • If you would like information on a discounted group price for paying out of pocket for the group sessions, please call our customer service number at (816) 701-5100 OR toll free at (866) 572-0157 and ask for the current pricing per session for PTOT Group Therapy. Payment is required at time of service.

Please call (913) 696-5010 for billing questions and to schedule. If you have any additional questions regarding Torticollis Therapy Group, please ask to speak with one of our therapists.

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