Individualized Pediatric Therapeutics 2011 Personalized Medicine Conference Videos

Ever wonder what you are missing at the Personalized Medicine Conference? Below are brief interviews with some of the conference faculty and attendees from the 2011 conference.

Misha Angrist, PhD
You Never Call, You Never Write: Personal Genomic Data and a New Covenant for Biomedical Research
David Ewing Duncan
Direct to Consumer Marketing of Genetic Testing
Kelan G. Tantisira, MD, MPH
Pharmacogenomics of Asthma: 2011 Update
Bridgette L. Jones, MD
Clinical Cases in Pediatric Personalized Medicine
Stephen F. Kingsmore, MB, ChB, BAO, DSc, FCRPath
Comprehensive Testing for Severe Recessive Diseases by Next Generation Sequencing
Phyllis Frosst, PhD
Rare and Neglected Diseases and Drug Development
Christopher Stone, MD, FAAP
Infrastructure of a Data Rich EHR
Christina M. Pacheco, Esq. & Shelley Bointy, MSW
Moving Forward: How do we Move Past the Havasupai Case?
David A. Mrazek, MD, FRC Psych
Clinical Applications of Pharmacogenomics in Pediatric Psychopharmacology
Evelyne Jacqz-Aigrain, MD, PhD
Integration of Population Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacogenetics in Pediatric Renal Patients
Jennifer A. Lowry, MD
Clinical Cases in Pediatric Personalized Medicine
John Lantos, MD
Director of Pediatric Bioethics, Children's Mercy Bioethics Center
Michelle McGowan
Evaluating Access to Personal Genomic Information: Perspectives of Early Users
Lori B. Andrews, JD
Who Owns the Patent to your Genes?

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