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Orthopaedic Surgery Contact Us

Health Care Professionals

Admissions, consults, and transports
1 (800) GO-MERCY (466-3729)


Spine Referral
Please complete form and fax to (816) 855-1776 (Attn: Ortho Schedulers for Referral).

Orthopaedic Clinic
Visit our Specialty Clinic Referral page

Orthopeadic Surgery Division Office
Fax: (816) 346-1384 

Patients and Families

Orthopaedic Surgery

To schedule Orthopaedic appointments at any location or for Nurse Questions, please call:
Orthopaedic Surgery clinic phone: (816) 234-3075
Orthopaedic Surgery clinic fax: (816) 855-1961

Sports Medicine

To schedule Sports Medicine appointments at any location or for Nurse Questions, please call:
Center for Sports Medicine appointments:  816-701-HURT (4878)

Children's Mercy Orthopedic Surgery Clinic
Phone: (816) 234-3693
Fax: (816) 855-1993
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Children's Mercy South Orthopedic Surgery Clinic
Phone: (913) 696-8528
Fax: (913) 696-8695
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Children's Mercy Northland Orthopeadic Surgery Clinic
Phone: (816) 413-2500
Fax: (816) 413-2555
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Children's Mercy on Broadway Orthopeadic Surgery Clinic
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Children's Mercy East Orthopeadic Surgery Clinic
Fax: (816) 478-5294
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Children's Mercy Blue Valley Sports Therapy Clinic
Phone: (913) 717-4700
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Children's Mercy Orthopeadic Surgery Outreach Clinic-Springfield
Ferrell-Duncan Clinic Bone & Joint Center
3555 S. National
Springfield, MO 65807

Children's Mercy Orthopeadic Surgery Outreach Clinic-Salina
Every other month
Phone: (866) 899-6836
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Children's Mercy-Wichita Regional Center
Advanced Orthopaedic Associates
Every other month
Phone: (877) 855-1974
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