Neurology 2013 Research

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Neurology 2013 Research

Peer-Reviwed Articles

Le Pichon JB, Yu S, Kibiryeva N, Graf WD, Bittel DC. Genome wide gene expression in homozygous 15q13.3 microdeletion syndrome. European Journal of Human Genetics: 21(10):1093-1099 (2013).  

Glauser TA, Cnaan A, Shinnar S, Hirtz DG, Dlugos D, Masur D, Clark PO, Adamson PC, and for the Childhood Absence Epilepsy Study Team. Ethosuximide, valproic acid, and lamotrigine in childhood absence epilepsy: Initial monotherapy outcomes at 12 months. Epilepsia 54(1):141-155 (2013). EEG/Clinical Phenotyping Core: Shinnar S, Moshé SL, Mizrahi EM, Conry JA, Berg A, Dlugos D, Sogawa Y, Le Pichon JB, Overby P, Von Allmen G. 

Dlugos D, Shinnar S, Cnaan A, Hu F, Moshé SL, Mizrahi E, Masur D, Sogawa Y, Le Pichon JB, Levine C, Hirtz D, Clark P, Adamson P, Glauser T, and for the Childhood Absence Epilepsy Study Team. Pretreatment EEG in childhood absence epilepsy. American Academy of Neurology 81:1-7 (2013). 

Karlson CW, Litzenburg CC, Sampilo ML, Rapoff MA, Connelly M, Bickel JL, Hershey AD, Powers SW. Relationship between daily mood and migraine in children. Headache 53(10):1624-1634 (2013). 

Connelly M, Bickel J. Chronic daily headache in children and adolescents: science and conjecture. Pain Managment 3(1):47-58 (2013). 

Kayyali HR, Abdelmoity A, Baeesa S. The role of epilepsy surgery in the treatment of childhood epileptic encephalopathy. Epilepsy Res Treat 2013:1-6 (2013).

Kayyali HR, Abdelmoity A, and Baeesa S. The Role of Epilepsy Surgery in the Treatment of Childhood Epileptic Encephalopathy. Hindawi: 2013 (983049). 

Le Pichon JB, Uy S, Kibiryeva N, Graf WD, and Bittle DC. Genome-wide gene expression in a patient with 15q13.3 homozygous microdeletion syndrome. European Journal of Human Genetics (2013), 1-1. 

Scientific Presentations – Oral or Poster Format

Le Pichon JB, Abdelmoity AT, Soden SE, Smith LD, Modrcin AC, Saunders CJ, Farrow EG, Dinwiddie DL, Miller NA, Atherton AM, Kingsmore S “Utility of exome sequencing in the evaluation of neurodevelopmental disorders” 42st Annual Meeting of the Child Neurology Society, Austin, TX, October 2013 

Le Pichon JB. “What are the molecular mechanisms that govern selective vulnerability in the CNS? An old problem re-examined in the light of new technologies” Don Ostrow Trieste Yellow Retreat, Trieste, Italy, August 2013  

Abdelmoity A “An updated approach to pediatric epilepsy diagnosis and management” Epilepsy Foundation Symposium, Topeka, Kansas, April 2013  

Abdelmoity A “Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy, truths and myths” Epilepsy Foundation Symposium, Topeka, Kansas, April 2013

T. Myers, M. Gustafson, E. Fecske, Z. Hawa, A. Abdelmoity "The Correlation between betahydroxybutyrate and urine keytone mresurements during ketogenic diet initiation and the differences between patients older and younger than 2 years of age. (2013)

K. McEachran, M. Gustafson, E. Fecske, T. Myers, A. Abdelmoity "The simulaneous use of ketogenic diet and vagus nerve stimulator in patients with pharmacologically refractory epilepsy (2013) 

K. Pawar, D. Jarosz, H. Ahmann, B. Kinnaman, S. Abdelmoity, A. Abdelmoity "Utilization and yield of the epilepsy monitory unit in pediatric age group (2013)

M. Gustafson, E. Fecske, T. Myers, A. Abdelmoity "The combined use of clobazam along with ketogenic diet in children with refractory epilepsy (2013)

E. Fecske, A. Abdelmoity "Utilization of IVS in the pediatric epilepsy monitoring unit (2013)

A. Luniova, S. Abdelmoity, H. Kayyali, A. Abdelmoity "The impact of the ketogenic diet treatment on the frequency of emergency room visits, number of hospitalizations and the length of hospitalizations related to epilepsy (2013) 

L. Thompson, H. Kayyali, M. Gustafson, M. AhMu, T. Myers, E. Fecske, A. Abdelmoity "Growth and energy intake in infants and children treated with the ketogenic diet (2013)

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