Liver and Intestinal Transplant 2012 Research
Liver and Intestinal Transplant 2012 Research

Peer-Reviewed Journals

St Peter SD, Adibe OO, Iqbal CW, Fike FB, Sharp SW, Juang D, Lanning D, Murphy JP, Andrews WS, Sharp RJ, Snyder CL, Holcomb GW, Ostlie DJ. Irrigation Versus Suction Alone During Laparoscopic Appendectomy for Perforated Appendicitis: A Prospective Randomized Trial. Ann Surg 256(4):581-585 (2012)

Fike FB, Mortallero VE, Juang D, St. Peter SD, Andrews WS, Snyder CL. Neutropenic colitis in children. Journal of Surgical Research 170(1): 73-76 (2011)

Garey CL, Laituri CA, Ostlie DL, Snyder CL, Andrews WS, Holcomb GW III, St. Peter SD. Single-incision laparoscopic surgery in children: Initial single-center experience. J Pediatr Surg 46: 904-907 (2011)

Holcomb GW III, Andrews WA. Gallbladder disease and hepatic infections. Pediatric Surgery 7th Edition, Elsevier Publishing Co. 2012, Grosfeld JL, O’Neill JA Jr, Fonkalsrud EW, et al (eds), pp 1341-1354 (2012)


Daniel J, Andrews W, Hendrickson R, Kane R, Ricks S, Wasserkrug H, Fioravanti V, Davis M “The Safety and Utility of Protocol Liver Biopsies in Pediatric Liver Transplant Recipients” American Transplant Congress, Boston MA, June 2012 [Poster]

Books and Book Chapters

Warady BA and Andrews WS. Peritoneal Access in Children Receiving Dialysis, Chapter 10, in Pediatric Dialysis, 2nd Edition. Warady BA, Schaefer F, Alexander SR (eds.), Springer, New York, NY, pp. 153-168 (2012)

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