Bone Marrow Transplantation Physician Referral Information
Bone Marrow Transplantation Physician Referral Information

The Blood and Marrow Transplant Program which is part of the Hematology/Oncology Section strives to make the referral of patients an efficient, safe, useful, and fast process for both patient and physicians. Often times, the ability of the BMT physician to talk directly with the referring physician or medical caregiver can eliminate the need for the patient to have to come and be seen. Recommendations for further evaluation to be done by the referring caregivers may be given or discussion of the patient's evaluation may be all that are required initially. However, if the referring physician feels the patient needs to be seen by the BMT team or after discussion it is deemed necessary, this can be more efficiently facilitated by this direct communication. Also, by direct communication between the two teams, it can be discerned whether an emergent visit is necessary or whether regular clinic booking can be feasible. Regardless of whether the child needs to be seen emergently or not, the BMT team strives to minimize the time between the referral of the patient and the time they are initially seen at Children's Mercy Hospital. 

The following steps area a helpful guide to facilitating this referral.

  1. Contact the BMT office at (816) 234-3265.
  2. Inform the receptionist that you are a medical caregiver wishing to either discuss or refer a patient to be seen by a BMT physician.
    • Be sure to tell them that this child is new to our program
    • Depending upon the immediate availability of the BMT physician, they will be connected to you immediately or information will be taken so you may be called back as soon as possible.
    • If it is an emergency referral for a child who the medical team feels it imperative that the child be seen the same day, be sure to inform the receptionist of this.
  3. Important information to have ready includes:
    • Physician name and phone numbers for return phone calls
    • Child's name
    • Child's date of birth
    • Reason for referral
    • Pertinent history, physical, labs, and other exams that may be useful in discussing the child's management.
    • Names of the parents and their phone numbers if you would like the BMT team to contact the family directly to make the appointment.
    • If available, copies of the pertinent medical records should be faxed to (816) 855-1700. This will aid in the planning for the child's visit to Children's Mercy Hospital.
    • If surgical biopsies have already been obtained, slides and specimens will need to be forwarded to the Children's Mercy Pathology department for review and possibly further diagnostic evaluation. Prior to initiation of therapy, all patients who have had their cancer diagnosed outside of Children's Mercy will have their pathologic specimens reviewed. The earliest receipt of these will permit the process to proceed more quickly.
    • If radiologic evaluations have been performed prior to referral, either copies or originals of the X-ray exams need to be forwarded to the Pediatric BMT physician. This may either be by courier service or by having the family bring the films with them to their initial visit at Children's Mercy. The earliest receipt of these will permit the process to proceed more quickly.

While we are happy to see everyone referred to our BMT Program, we want to make the visit as useful and pleasant as possible. We have found that this process greatly increases these goals and provides for the safest transition of care for the child. We hope that it does not create difficulties for either the referring caregivers or the family. Any suggestions to improve this process are always appreciated.

As well, so that visits to the BMT Program are beneficial to the child and caregivers, all children seen by a BMT physician must be referred by another medical caregiver. Parents or family who wish their child be seen by a Pediatric BMT physician at Children's mercy should request their physician or medical caregiver to contact us directly.


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