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Speech Pathology Apraxia of Speech
Speech Pathology Apraxia of Speech

Definition of Apraxia of Speech

Apraxia of Speech is a speech disorder where your child has trouble saying what he (or she) wants to say correctly, which is not caused by paralysis.

Common signs of Apraxia of Speech

  • As an infant, your child did not babble (or not much)
  • Your child has problems forming words correctly by putting sounds and syllables together in the correct order
  • Your child does not stress syllables correctly
  • Speech mistakes are random: your child may say a word correctly in one sentence and then say the same word incorrectly in the next sentence.
  • Your child understands better than your child speaks

What to do if you suspect your child might have Apraxia of Speech:

If you suspect your child might have Apraxia of Speech, talk to your primary care physician about your concerns. Your physician can request a consultation for your child with a Speech-Language Pathologist at Children's Mercy Kansas City for formal testing. Early identification and treatment is important to helping your child.

How is Apraxia of Speech diagnosed?

Your speech pathologist will do formal testing on your child. This testing could include repeating a particular word several times or repeating a list of words of increasing length (i.e. - sun, sunny, sunniest)

How is Apraxia of Speech treated?

After testing, if your child is diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech, your speech pathologist will provide you with information about the condition and recommend speech therapy.

The Kreamer Family Resource Center located on the ground floor of Children’s Mercy at Hospital Hill, Pink Zone, can help families with web-based resources about Apraxia of speech.

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