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Hearing and Speech Speech-Language Evaluations
Hearing and Speech Speech-Language Evaluations

A speech-language evaluation measures a child's communication skills. It is conducted by a speech-language pathologist at the Hearing and Speech Clinic.

Before the evaluation, a parent will be asked to fill out a form about the child. The speech-language pathologist will use this information, along with the child's age and attention span to decide how the child will be tested and observed.

Evaluation Process

Speech evaluations last about two hours for children ages six and younger, and two to three hours for children ages 7 and older. During the appointment, parents stay with their child or watch through a one-way mirror. Speech-language pathologists will observe the child playing, interact with the child, if he/she is older, they will interview the child, and then test and observe the child. The tests/observations will include the following areas: mouth structure, voice, fluency, sound pronunciation, language understanding and verbal expression.

hearing evaluation is also part of a speech-language evaluation. If the child has not had a hearing test in the past 6 months, the clinic will schedule one with the Audiology Program.

Evaluation Follow-Up

After the speech-language evaluation, the speech-language pathologist and audiologist will make recommendations, which may include the following:

  • A referral back to the child's school district's Early Childhood Program
  • A referral back to the child's primary care physician for other areas of need
  • Speech-language therapy
  • A referral to other agencies
  • A re-evaluation

A written report of results and recommendations will be mailed to the family within two weeks of the evaluation.

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