Prospective Studies in Progress One Versus Two Stage Laparosocopic Orchiopexy for an Intra-abdominal Testis

This is a single center, prospective randomized pilot study of patients undergoing laparoscopy for non-palpable testes at Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics.

Thirty patients will be randomized in this study. If the testicle can reach the opposite internal ring, the patient will not be randomized, but will undergo a standard orchiopexy with mobilization of the testicular vessels.

At the time of laparoscopy, the testicle is assessed and a determination of testicular position will be made. If the testicle does not reach the opposite internal ring, the patient undergoes randomization to either primary or two stage orchiopexy as determined by the randomization sequence.

Data collected will includes radiologic and ultrasound evaluation data; patient age at operation(s); operative approach(es); operative time(s); hospital charges; length of follow-up; testicular survival; and complications.

For patients undergoing a two-stage orchiopexy, the second stage is performed at six months after the initial division of the testicular vessels.

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