Ready Set Grow

Ready Set Grow is a program which assesses and addresses pediatric undernutrition (also referred to as Failure to Thrive). Undernutrition is a major pediatric concern as it may have long-term effects on a child’s growth, brain development and social development. This program provides multidisciplinary support and resources to assist families in their desire to optimize their child’s nutrition.

Our Clinic

The Ready Set Grow clinic is located in the Purple Clinic on the second floor of the Broadway Building (3101 Broadway Boulevard) in Kansas City. Our team is available to see patients five days a week, including evening clinics twice a week.

Getting in Touch

Parents may self-refer their child for evaluation by contacting the Nursing Program Coordinator at (816) 960-2814. We ask that parents contact their primary care physician and ask them to fax medical information regarding their child to the team (fax: 816-960-2896).

Medical providers who wish to refer a patient to Ready Set Grow are encouraged to utilize the Children’s Mercy Provider Portal. 

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