Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic What to Expect During Your Visit
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic What to Expect During Your Visit

What should I expect during my child's visit to the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Team Clinic?

During this visit, you and your child will fill out questionnaires on your child's health and nutrition, social needs, and emotional and behavioral functioning. Please plan on being in the clinic for about 2-3 hours.

During this visit, you and your child will be seen by all of the following (feel free to ask them any questions you have):

  • One of our pediatric gastroenterologist
    This doctor is in clinic to give you and your child the highest level of care possible. The doctor will go over your child's IBD diagnosis and any recent scope/test results, discuss the treatment plan, and go over any treatment options.

  • Our nurse practitioners: Ellen Carpenter, APRN, and Kim Radford, CPNP-AC
    Our nurse practitioner will conduct a physical examination of your child, review your child's current list of medication and provide any needed education regarding medication. 

  • Psychologist: Michele Herzer Maddux, PhD
    Dr. Herzer is a clinical psychologist on the team. IBD and its treatment can be overwhelming for many children and families, so Dr. Herzer will monitor how you and your child are doing and provide support in coping/adjusting to IBD. You and your child will fill out some forms about your child's overall emotional and behavioral functioning and Dr. Herzer will review these and address any concerns you might have.

  • Dietician: Cindy Hensley MS, RD, LD, CNSC
    One of the dieticians will see you and your child during your visit. They work with the team and specialize in nutrition and diet among children and adolescents with IBD. They will be monitoring your child's growth and weight. If needed, they will also provide education on any special diets as well as tips and strategies on ways to gain weight.

  • Social Worker: Brenda Starks, LSCSW
    Brenda Starks is a licensed clinical social worker who works with children and adolescents with IBD and their families. Because IBD can impact various areas of your or your child's life, including school attendance, school performance, work schedules, transportation, and finances, Brenda will be available to talk with your family about these issues and address these as needed.

  • One of our nurse coordinators: Kimberly Bailey, RN, BSN, CPN; Kadie Showalter, RN, BSN, RNC-NIC
    Nurse coordinators are available in clinic to provide patients and families with extra support and additional education regarding IBD, and information on research opportunities. 

What should I bring to my child's visit to the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Team Clinic?
Please bring your child's immunization records to your visit, and a list of medications your child has been taking. We also encourage you to bring reading material or homework to make the most of your downtime.

How often will my child need to be seen by the  IBD Team?
Your child will be seen by the multidisciplinary IBD team once a year. The first visit will occur shortly after your child's initial IBD diagnosis has been made.
Note: Your child will continue to see his/her regular gastroenterologist during all other visits to GI Clinic.

Is a visit with the  IBD Team optional?
This approach is our new standard of care for all our patients with IBD. Visits with the IBD team allow us to provide your child with the highest and most comprehensive level of care that focuses not just on your child's IBD, but your child's nutritional status, social, academic, and emotional/behavioral functioning as well. Your child will receive the most individualized level of care, and will have a team of providers who are dedicated fully to making sure that your child is happy, healthy, and getting the best care possible.

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