Epilepsy Center Transition for Teens
Epilepsy Center Transition for Teens

Young people are transitioned from Children’s Mercy Hospital to adult services by the time they are 21. At this point, their medical needs are best met by an adult provider rather than by pediatric providers. 

Making the Transition

The transition from pediatric care into the adult health care system can be a challenge for teens and their families, as well as for health care professionals. 

Our team has developed a process to ensure the transition is successful for patients. We help make sure providers, patients, families, and receiving providers prepare for transitions through diligent planning, and communication. Our goal is to prepare patients with chronic health conditions to leave Children’s Mercy with the necessary skills and knowledge to advocate for themselves (or through others), maintain positive health-promoting behaviors, and the ability to utilize adult health-care services appropriately and successfully.

We encourage teens to talk with any of our care providers about their concerns about transition.

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