Diabetes Team

The Children's Diabetes Center provides comprehensive care for patients with diabetes as well as support and resources for family members. We create treatment programs that empower patients to effectively self-manage their diabetes.

Team Approach

We incorporate a multidisciplinary approach to care that is centered on patient and family needs. Integrating a team approach to diabetes management helps the team provide the best possible care.
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Ongoing patient and family education is the foundation for successful diabetes management. We offer classes to meet the needs of our patients and families and help them overcome the effects of diabetes.
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Child and family support

We recognize that life with diabetes poses challenges for every member of the family. Our team provides social work, psychology services and support groups to help children and family members cope with the emotional aspects of managing diabetes
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Research is an important part of the care we provide at the center. Our team continues to pursue studies that lead to new, more effective ways to treat and prevent diabetes. We have dedicated research staff to recruit patients and families for our studies.
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