Environmental Health
Environmental Health

The Center for Environmental Health at Children’s Mercy is a nationally recognized program providing environmental health consulting, patient case management, research, education, training, and analytical services. Our team aims to help improve and advocate for the health of individuals with environmentally triggered illnesses. 

Environmental Health Programs

Healthy Home Program

The Healthy Home Program helps families identify and reduce environmental exposures that may cause respiratory health problems in children. This includes respiratory illnesses, allergies, poisoning, and immunocompromised conditions.

Safe and Healthy Childcare Program

The Safe and Healthy Childcare Program provides indoor environmental health education, training, and assessment services to home-based childcare providers throughout the Kansas City area. 

Safe and Healthy School Partnership Program

The Safe and Healthy School Partnership Program provides school districts the opportunity for indoor environmental health consulting and assessment services along with a variety of education and training programs on health, building indoor environmental health, and effective facility management.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Environmental Health is to improve and advocate for the health of people with environmentally triggered illnesses by performing environmental health research, and providing environmental health consulting, analytical services, education and community outreach in a way that improves our knowledge of environmental health and promotes the Children's Mercy Hospital mission.

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Notable Accomplishments

  • 2500+ families have received our services.
  • 750+ Home Environmental Assessments completed.
  • 60+ School Facilities Environmental Assessments completed
  • 1500+ School classrooms assessed.
  • We are the leading Healthy Home Training Center in the nation:
    • 1300 students have taken our Healthy Home Training Courses
    • 250 have taken the NEHA Healthy Home Specialist Credential Exam.
    • 400 have taken our CME/CEU Asthma Management Training Courses


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