House Rules
I have been reminded to inform you about the blog guidelines and post some house rules.
Blog Policies and Guidelines
1. Any views I express in this blog are mine alone and do not necessarily represent the views of Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics. Likewise, if you decide to post a comment on this blog, the views you express are yours and do not necessarily represent the views of Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics. When you express your opinions via a blog, you are legally responsible for your commentary.
2. If you post a comment on this blog, be respectful of your colleagues. Be thoughtful and accurate in your posts, and be respectful of how other CMH employees may be affected.
3. Please be sure to provide enough support in your comments to help fellow CMH employees understand your reasoning, be it positive or negative. I appreciate the value of multiple perspectives, so help us understand yours by providing context to your opinion – whether it is posting praise or criticism!
4. Not everyone who posts a comment will fill comfortable leaving their name. As such, you are welcome to post an anonymous comment, however I reserve the right not to post a comment based on inappropriate content or inappropriate language.
5. Please refer to the Hospital Use of Social Media Policy, the Personal Use of Social Media Policy and the Internet Use and Content Policy for additional guidelines.
These guidelines are all common sense items.  If however you veer outside of the guidelines I will not approve your comment for posting.  That does not mean you have to agree with my posts or the posts of others.  Please express yourself and if you feel that you need to use a good curse word to make your point please use the lovely symbols that share space with the numbers on the top row of your keyboard.  So long as you're not a %&!@?* fool or a $%#! tool it’s all good!
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