Quality and Safety 2011 Research
Quality and Safety 2011 Research

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Moses J, Shore P, Mann KJ. Quality improvement curricula in pediatric residency education: Obstacles and opportunities. Academic Pediatrics 306(13): 1454-1460 (2011)

Morse R, Hall M, Fieldston E, McGwire F, Anspacher M, Sills M, Williams, K, Oyemwense N, Mann K, Simon H, and Shah S. Joint commission children’s asthma care measure set compliance and associated clinical outcomes.  JAMA 306 (13): 1454-1460 (2011)

Scientific Presentations-Oral or Poster Format

Mann KJ, Paulson R “The Synergy to Reduce Codes:  Structures Crumble without a Foundation” NACHRI Leadership Conference, Bellevue, WA, October 2011 [Poster]

Shah N, Sharma V, Knapp J, Mann KJ “Survey of US Pediatric Residency Program Directors on Conducting Morbidity and Mortality Conference” Pediatric Hospital Medicine Annual Meeting, Kansas City, MO, August 2011 [Poster]

Morse R, Hall M, McGwire G, Fieldston E, Sills M, Anspacher M, McBride S, Sawicki G, Williams K, Mann KJ, Shah S “Compliance with The Joint Commission Children's Asthma Care Measure Set and Subsequent Acute Hospital Care Utilization” Pediatric Academic Societies, Vancouver, Canada,  May 2011 [Oral]


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