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More Information More About Hematology/Oncology Bone 4 Henson
More Information More About Hematology/Oncology Bone 4 Henson


We are located at Children's Mercy Hospital, Hospital Hill, 2401 Gillham Road, Kansas City, Mo.


Our nursing unit is supported by:

  • Multiple child life specialists assigned to both inpatient and outpatient settings
  • Respiratory therapy support 24/7
  • Daytime satellite pharmacy staff support / Central Pharmacy support 24/7
  • Social work support 24/7
  • Chaplain support 24/7
  • Nutrition support 

Each RN cares for two to three patients with a care assistant, depending on census and acuity.  For our BMT population, each RN cares for 2 patients with a care assistant. 

We have a charge nurse on each shift, who typically is not assigned a patient load. Our charge nurses are involved with managing the day-to-day operations of our unit.

We have a resource nurse available to assist others with procedures, transports, admissions, etc. The resource nurse does not take a patient assignment.  

Orientation and Training

Orientees train one-on-one with an assigned preceptor throughout the orientation process. Orientation typically ranges from eight weeks for RNs with experience to 14 weeks for Introductory(Graduate)Nurses, but may be increased or decreased, as needed by the orientee.

Orientees gradually accept patient care responsibilities, taking on a full patient load about halfway through orientation, while being observed closely by the preceptor. At two-week intervals, the orientee, preceptor and Education Coordinator meet to discuss progress.

Orientees also attend classes in pediatric hematology-oncology that cover a wide range of topics, including disease processes, treatment, and chemotherapy.

Staff Nurses receive ongoing training, to include:

  • Educational updates and continuing education opportunities throughout the year
  • Certification in sedation and central line care, including basic and advanced skills
  • Certification in Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Oncology/Chemotherapy courses, teaching diagnosis, treatments, policies and procedures
  • Training in Stem Cell Transplant

After two years of Hematology/Oncology experience, RNs may take the Certified Pediatric Oncology Nurse exam.

Paid training is available to become a preceptor, improve leadership skills, attain PALS certification, and more!

Introductory Staff Nurses

We hire graduate nurses. Refer to Orientation and Ongoing Training Opportunities for details.

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