Weighing In Actions
Weighing In Actions

Action Plan

The objective of Kansas City's Collaborative Weighing In is to grow collaborative approaches and community capacity to increase the number of children at a healthy weight. To achieve this objective, Weighing In has formed these working groups: pregnancy and breastfeeding, early childhood, healthy schools, healthy lifestyles and treatment. Details of key strategies, target audiences, action steps, available resources and measures to track progress are included in the 2011-2012 Action Plan.

Fit-Tastic! Message Campaign

The 12345 Fit-Tastic! message campaign is designed to accelerate progress toward community-wide healthy weight by implementing collaborative approaches in the Greater Kansas City area. To improve effectiveness, the campaign integrates approaches across sectors: primary care, public health and community. The effort launched through a team of Kansas City agencies that were chosen in 2011 to participate in Collaborative for Healthy Weight, a nationwide initiative led by the National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality and supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration. Current partners of the Collaborative include Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics, Weighing In (with support from the Healthcare Foundation of Greater Kansas City), the YMCA of Greater Kansas City, KC Healthy Kids and the Kansas City, Mo. Health Department. For more information, visit http://12345Fit-Tastic.org

School Wellness Survey

The Weighing In staff, in cooperation with the University of Kansas Medical Center, has collected local school wellness policies from nearly 50 districts in the bi-state, Greater Kansas City area. This project was a priority identified by the Healthy Schools Committee and was funded by the Healthcare Foundation of Greater Kansas City. The information will enable schools and community agencies to identify areas where schools are doing well and areas where community collaborative supports will be most useful. The final report was expected by the Fall 2012. For more details, read the survey abstract.

Child Care Policy Study

The Early Childhood Working Group is conducting a survey of child care providers in the Greater Kansas City area to determine nutrition and physical activity policies, practices and environments within child care settings in order to select priorities for collaborative actions to create healthier child care. The survey will assess practices in licensed child care homes and centers for a six-county region. For more information, read the  abstract and survey flier.

Systems Mapping

Weighing In has contracted with the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership to produce a research-based integrative regional Systems Map that reflects the variety of community agencies and service providers that impact the childhood obesity issue. The process includes these key steps: 1.) Conceptualize the system of agencies that play a role in the issues associated with childhood obesity from prevention through treatment. 2.) Map agencies' involvement in the system, articulating the roles and influence of each. 3.) Assure representation from diverse sectors (e.g. local, regional, state). Completion of the Systems Map was expected by the end of 2012.


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