Weighing In About Us
Weighing In About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent and reduce childhood obesity through community collaborations. The Weighing In program promotes healthy nutrition and physical activity for children in their homes, schools and community organizations; provides news, information and education to individuals and organizations on healthy lifestyles; advocates for policies that promote healthy lifestyles; builds a network for organizations that focus on childhood obesity prevention and treatment; and uses evidence-based science and best practices.

This forum allows our participants the opportunity to learn what works and what others are doing, and to work together on projects that make a difference. While many new insights and evidence-based approaches have been identified, it is not always easy to translate those into action. Through our collective efforts, the complexities are being unraveled and the resources at hand are better aligned to help children and their families.

Our Vision

Children can enjoy optimal growth and development in the Kansas City area where active living and healthy eating are supported for all.

Department Highlights

  • Showcase Kansas City area's best practices in childhood obesity prevention programs and policies at quarterly meetings.
  • Facilitate networking to strengthen obesity prevention efforts among community partners.
  • Provide continuing education opportunities for healthcare, school and community organization professionals on proven obesity prevention approaches.
  • Plan strategically to guide the collaborative's efforts to address priority issues.
  • Build on community assets and issue policy briefs on viable approaches for priorities to prevent childhood obesity.
  • Facilitate and support working groups to undertake collaborative projects addressing childhood obesity in the Greater Kansas City area. Currently Weighing In has five working groups that include pregnancy and breastfeeding, early childhood, healthy schools, healthy lifestyles and treatment.

Why We Were Created

For more than a decade, interested individuals and organizations throughout the Kansas City region have been working together to address the epidemic of childhood obesity. Several of these agencies joined forces in 2004 to officially create the Weighing In program, and we've been growing and collaborating ever since.

Number of professionals who have participated in Weighing In since its founding:

More than 300 - and growing every day!

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