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In the Community Sporting Kansas City
In the Community Sporting Kansas City

Children’s Mercy and Sporting Kansas City are working together to improve the health of youth through a new partnership that brings education and resources to our community. 

Addressing an Epidemic

More than 2 million high-school athletes and 3.5 million children under age 14 are injured each year playing sports. Today, only a small percentage — 21 percent in the Kansas City area — are treated by pediatric-trained sports medicine specialists who truly understand the youth’s growing body, developing brain and unique psychosocial stressors.

Together, Children’s Mercy and Sporting Kansas City will address the epidemic through programs that strengthen the community, improve youth health and provide access to pediatric-trained sports medicine providers.

Programs for the Community

  • Enhancing Sporting Kansas City’s Victory Project, which helps area children — especially those with cancer — obtain support and resources.
  • Bringing Sporting Moves to the community, a grassroots outreach program that educates and inspires elementary kids on the importance of physical activity in an effort to combat childhood obesity.
  • Developing soccer-specific curriculum (nutrition, injury prevention, rehabilitation, advanced cardiovascular training, etc.) for the Sporting Club Network.
  • Providing sports training, rehabilitation and conditioning programs for Sporting KC Academy teams at Swope Soccer Village.


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