S.T.A.R. Power About Our Partnership

The Kohl's and Children's Mercy Partnership

Donation Announcement Event 2013

The Kohl's and Children's Mercy S.T.A.R. Power program is made possible with a $215,512 grant from Kohl's. Since the year 2000, Kohl's has gifted more than $2.9 million to Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics. 

On October 12th, 2013, Kohl's and Children's Mercy hosted a donation announcement event that took place in the Power and Light District during the Sprint Family Fun Series. The Kohl's and Children's Mercy S.T.A.R. Power tent shared a variety of "harvest-themed" activities, specifically promoting the importance of eating plenty fruits and vegetables. Children and their families received their own recyclable grocery shopping bag that they decorated then used to collect fresh apples and carrots to take home with them. We also played games like "Guess the Fruit or Veggie" and "Cantaloupe Bowling"!

For more information, visit the Kohl's corporation website.




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