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Global Partnerships Working with Hospitals in China

Through a special "sister hospital" relationship with Guangzhou Women and Children's Hospital, Children's Mercy is making a difference in the quality of care for children half a world away from our home in Kansas City. Children's Mercy also has a relationship with the Zhujiang, or Pearl River, Hospital, also in Guangzhou. 

Building Relationships

As part of these relationships, Children's Mercy is sharing its expertise in such issues as Child Life, Quality Improvement, medical education, nursing education, psycho-social care and health care management. The relationship began in 2003 and, since then, Children's Mercy has hosted at least 20 Chinese physicians, several administrative fellows and two nurses at Children's Mercy. Likewise, over the years, about 20 Children's Mercy physicians, nurses and administrators have traveled to China to learn and share. Children's Mercy also recently added Guangzhou, China, as a rotation within the hospital's residency program.

Sharing Our Expertise

In China, most hospital administrators have outstanding clinical skills but are eager to gain core business and leadership skills. This is where Children's Mercy's CEO Randall L. O'Donnell, PhD, has had a significant influence. He has made several trips to Guangzhou, each time spending hours giving lectures, teaching, training and encouraging Guangzhou's administrators, physicians and nurses with his insights on leadership development, the psychosocial aspects of patient care and the business of health care.

In fact, Dr. O'Donnell was the first American CEO of a children's hospital invited to the Chinese's pediatric CEO conference. In 2009, when the CEOs met again in conjunction with the opening of the new children's hospital in Guangzhou, Dr. O'Donnell again was asked to share his message. In these settings, Dr. O'Donnell and Children's Mercy are not only influencing pediatric care in Guangzhou, but all across China as these CEOs take back to their institutions lessons they've learned from Children's Mercy.

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