Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Plan Working Groups
Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Plan Working Groups

Implementation Plan Working Groups

(In Alphabetical Order)

Group 1: Access, Including the Importance of a Medical Home

  • Bob Finuf, Vice President and Pediatric Care Network Executive Director
  • Cheri Hunt, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
  • Dr. Timothy Johnson, Pediatric Care Network Medical Director
  • Fred Kouri, Manager of Social Work Specialty Care Teams
  • Dr. Daryl Lynch, Division Director or Adolescent Medicine

Group 2: Injury and Safety

  • Dr. James Anderst, Division Chief, Division on Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Dr. Denise Dowd, Emergency and Urgent Care
  • Phyllis Larimore, Program Coordinator, Center for Childhood Safety
  • Dr. Donna O’Malley (PhD), Emergency and Urgent Care Services Nurse Researcher
  • Dr. Mary Moffatt, Section of Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Linda Taloney, Director of Patient Advocacy 

Group 3: Nutrition, Physical Activity and Weight Status

  • Robin Carroll, Director of Nutrition and Lactation Services
  • Dr. Meredith Dreyer-Gillette (PhD), Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr. Sarah Hampl, Medical Director of Weight Management Services
  • Deborah Markenson, Director of Weighing In
  •  Shelly Summar, Weight Management Program Coordinator


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