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Annual Report
Annual Report

You have perhaps heard it said that the way we treat our children today will send a signal to future generations we will never meet. That belief brings conscience to how we do our work here at Children’s Mercy and passion to the way we do it. I thank you for the interest you show in that work by exploring the contents of our 2015 Annual Report.

Our quest is to make sure every patient we serve is able to achieve the fullest potential for good health. As you will read in this report, we do this through pursuing clinical excellence, supported by research and medical education. In pediatric medicine, we keenly recognize that our children are hospitalized not because of the lifestyle choices they make, but because of fate. For a child and a family, a health care event is not merely unsettling, it’s a trauma. For the patient to get better, then, that trauma must also be treated, which is why we show extraordinary devotion to the psychosocial dimension of care.

Through our research, we seek discoveries that can make best practices even better. Through medical education, we recruit and train medical doctors and nursing students whose records for passing board and certification exams rate among the highest in the nation. The best and the brightest are invited to join us. I remain inspired by my colleagues’ efforts to deliver the highest quality health care. But our progress is not only measured by effort; it’s also measured by evidence. We get excellent results, but we are always striving to do better for our children. 

None of the accomplishments highlighted in this year’s report could have been achieved without the remarkable support we enjoy from our community. Our benefactors continue to contribute generously to us, enabling ongoing innovation in our services and programs. Our public policy leaders listen to us with respect, as together we swim the turbulent political waters of health care reform. Our civic community connects us with the right people in the right places so we can strengthen our role as one of our region’s most vital assets. This solid civic engagement deeply cements our sustainability.

This report, then, is about a journey we are taking on behalf of our children and about a community whose health will be better because of it. I humbly hope that as future generations experience the results of our work, they will assign to that work the same amount of respect and admiration we have for our 118 years in service to the children, families and communities of our region.

Randall L. O'Donnell, PhD
President and Chief Executive Officer

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